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DAILY DAY is a store with clothes that fit every day in the week. But as one can not find two equal days, our clothes are the result of your simple inspiration. With a regular production of own cultural events.

Daily Day Calling

it stands as a melting pot of performing arts and crafts.. The word is creation. Creation that mingles clothing with performance and cultural experiences. Inside DAILY DAY you’ll find musicians and photographers, poets and designers, artists and thinkers, friends and strangers, and suddenly you’ll be connected with new talent and fresh ideas.

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Daily Day Collabs

Daily Day teamed up with Poente for a special edition of spectacles - ALIADOS.
ALIADOS got their name from the iconic square in Porto, and come in 7 colors. Built up through a handmade process, these unisex spectacles combine precision portuguese craftmanship with new trends in design.

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Daily Day Optics

Micro Digizine about The Now with Alvaro Costa

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